Funny story!

You would think that after 11 years, that my husband would no longer be surprised by anything I do.

Yeah, not so much. 😛 Apparently I still manage to make him question my mental stability.

I was quietly sitting at my computer working on modeling the high poly flashlight, for BlenderCookie’s first modeling exercise. And doing really well, I might add 😛

When my husband looks over and says “Why are YOU modeling a flashlight?”

And of course my answer was, “because I was assigned to.”

He gives me a really dumb look and just stares at me like I have lost my mind.

Now honestly, my answer wasn’t as strange as he seemed to think it was, I WAS assigned to model a high poly flashlight as part of BlenderCookie’s modeling exercises, which I decided was too much fun to pass up.

But there is the fact that I somehow forgot to tell him about BenderCookie’s new modeling exercises or that I was planning on participating in them. And since I have never shown any interest in modeling tools of any sort, I suppose he could be excused for thinking I was nuts.

And then again, seriously hon, after all this time, why would anything I do surprise you? This is me after all. 😛


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