BlenderCookie offering Modeling exercises

Today BlenderCookie announced a cool new way to improve your Blender skills. Focused modeling exercises. In the first, of what is hopefully an ongoing feature, BlenderCookie invites you to model a high poly flashlight.

There is a link provided to download the reference images from

from BlenderCookie:

This exercise assignment is to model a high poly flashlight based on the references provided. The exercise is focused exclusively on modeling and so there is no need to texture the model, the goal is to create a highly-detailed model with clean topology. During the instructor review process, your model will be judged on accuracy and topology.

You have until next Wednesday to finish your model, at which time you can submit a render, wireframe and .blend file to BlenderCookie for review.

After reviewing all the submitted models, they will be producing a tutorial showcasing how they would have done it and highlighting some of the better models submitted.

Now the only question left is, do I need a model of a flashlight?

Does “need” even have anything to do with it? 😛 Because of course I had already downloaded the reference images before I sat down to write this post. 😛

Why are you still sitting here? you only have a week, get moving!


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