I think my blog is haunted

Or at the very least it was temporarily possessed.

I started this blog in 2007, yeah I know surprised me too. And over the years I have gained more visitors. Odd enough in itself considering that I don’t advertize or really push it in any productive way.

So I have gotten used to a steady flow of visitors, granted not a huge flow. General average over the last year or so has been between 50-100 visitors a day. Not fantastic, but not really bad either. Of course there are periodic spikes in visits if I post something really cool. šŸ˜›

So imagine my surprise when I checked my stats about a week ago and saw 1274. WTH! What did I post that was that interesting. A quick check showed that I hadn’t posted anything remarkable.

hmmmm….. probably a glitch in the stats system then. No biggie.

Except the next day there were even more and it continued to grow over the next week, reaching a peak of 3,354.

That is some glitch!

Sigh, and obviously only a temporary one, šŸ˜› because here we are back at my normal stats.

Snap!, and here I thought I had finally gone viral šŸ˜›

Oh well, back to normal. Which means playing in blender, reading and chasing my 5 year around the house.

bye now!

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