Wow, how did that folder get so big?

Yesterday BlenderCookie released a whopping huge Stone Texture and Reference pack as part of their Citizen Friday offerings.

If you’re not a Citizen, no worries and no need throw the desk out the window… This isn’t affecting the amount of free tutorials/content to hit the site on a weekly basis. :) or of course welcome to sign-up today to get access to this exclusive and many more

So this morning I downloaded it, it is beautiful by the way, and went to tuck it into my Material/Texture folder. When I looked in the folder I decided I might want to clean it up and organize it a little. Mainly because I have a habit of just throwing files in there willy nilly.

First thought, holy cow! where did I get all those files? 😛

Second thought, ummm, just what are all those files? 😛

LOL, I have been using blender for over ten years and obviously collecting material libraries and texture images the whole time. After a bit of organization and cleanup I discovered quite a few things I had completely forgotten about.

Like an entire folder of concrete images. Concrete? Why do I have an entire folder of just concrete? And that isn’t including all the concrete images that are part of other collections, of which I have a sizable number of texture collections as well. I must have a thing for concrete and yet I don’t overly remember needing concrete for any projects I have done. 😛

My favorite folder contains all the blend file material libraries that floated about the community years ago. Most likely the materials won’t work quite as originally intended since blender has changed so much since then. But it is fun to poke at them and remember how things were done back in the day.

LOL, I even discovered a folder of alpha textures (some 80 odd files 🙂 ) that would make great sculpt brushes, that I seriously don’t remember downloading. But I must of, because they are sitting there all nice and neat, ready to use.

I think I should probably look in there more often, just to remind myself what is in there. 😛 It just might save a bit of time searching the internet for the perfect texture, because at this point there is a pretty good chance I already have one sitting happily in my Material folder.

Well that was my productive task for today. Time to go play, Tim released a robot painting tutorial on Concept Cookie and Jonathan released a pumpkin patch tutorial on Blender Cookie. I have cookies to play with!!!!!!!!

bye now…


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