Third time is the charm

I decided to give the eye tutorial a go today. I had already watched the tutorial several times and was fairly confident that I could at least get close. 🙂

So I launch the video and GIMP, grab my tablet and get started. About half way through the video glitches, or maybe my browser did. Whichever, it wouldn’t play any longer. Sigh, annoying but not the end of the world. I restarted the browser, intending to watch through to where I had been, but looking at what I had so far prompted me to just start over. Yeah round 1 wasn’t all that amazing.

On to round 2. Round 2 went so much better. In fact it was starting to look pretty awesome. I got all the way to the eyelashes when disaster struck again. This time it was my fault. I accidentally closed the GIMP window. 😦 And of course I had not saved the file at any point in the tutorial. Dang, that one was looking good.

Round 3. Here we go again. And of course it is not turning out near as well as round 2, but it does look like an eye. And most important, this time I remembered to save my file often.

I think I needed to make the iris area bigger, if I had done so, round 3 would have looked much better. I also came to the conclusion that I need to practice drawing smooth arcs. That was the part I had the hardest time with.

I found the end result pretty cool and was intrigued by how just adding those little specular spots at the end actually made the the eyeball look like it was wet. I kept turning that layer off and on to check it out.

Funny story about round 3. About 3/4 the way through, I decided to go take a nap. All that painting had made me tired. 😛 Anyhow, after making sure that my file was thoroughly saved, I left the image open and wandered off for my nap. When I got up, I had forgotten that I left the image open. So I wander over to my desk and half asleep notice that a big eye is staring out of my screen at me. LOL, it took me a minute to realize what it was.

Awesome tutorial and now I see that Tim has posted one for a human head. Gonna have to give that a try as well. Any bets on how many tries it will take me for that one? 🙂


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