Listen up!, new email address!

My husband and I finally had enough of our previous ISP. It was slow, unreliable and the customer service was less than stellar. So we signed up with a different company that offers far more for less money. YAY!

Upside, better service and faster internet use.

Downside, having to change my personal email address. And of course I have to update every forum, social site and various other goofy places I visit on a daily basis. Sigh!

It also means that I should email everyone on my contact list and let them know my email has changed. In fact I sat down to do just  that and realized that my contact list is like ridiculously big. And I mean BIG!, I didn’t realize I knew that many people. 🙂

So to prevent the internet gods from striking me down as a spammer, I am posting notice here.

So listen up, everyone who thinks I need to be on their contact list:

new email address is:

I have also updated this info on my about page. My other two email addresses are still the same. Just to refresh memories:

Okay, that was all. You may now resume your previous activities.



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