Whoot! I finished Chapter 10

I am happy to announce that I have successfully finished chapter 10 of Jonathan Williamson’s book, Character Development in Blender 2.5.

I was beginning to think I would be stuck on chapter 10 forever. And it is soooo not Jonathan’s fault. Sculpting is not the same as modeling. When following a modeling tutorial, if the writer says add a cube and scale it, then when you scale it to the dimensions they specify you get the same cube as the writer. But when he says use the clay brush with these settings, you do not necessarily get the same thing as what is shown.

I have discovered that the viewing angle of the model and level of zoom can dramatically change how your brush stroke looks. Or at least it did when I was doing it.  There is always the possibility that I wasn’t doing it right. 😛 Then there is how you draw your strokes as well, if you don’t have a steady hand it shows.

I started chapter 10 with very little sculpting experience which probably didn’t help. LOL, although at this point I am far more proficient than when I started. But then again I think I did every section a minimum of 3 times. Some sections, like the hair, I must have done a half dozen times. And honestly, I am still not happy with the hair, but it wasn’t getting any better so I moved on.

I learned a lot from this chapter, but I have to say that my model no longer looks exactly like what Jonathan was showing, like it did after the modeling section. But then again, now knowing the nature of sculpting, it would have been dang odd if it did. But it does look close enough, so on I go. I sneaked a peak at Chapter 11, next up is modeling details for the accessories. Which should go much smoother. 🙂

Slowly but surely I am getting there. Although at this rate it may be next year before I get finished.  😛


2 responses to “Whoot! I finished Chapter 10

  • Shane

    I have discovered that the viewing angle of the model and level of zoom can dramatically change how your brush stroke looks.
    Tip of the day – In the brush settings when sculpting you will find a padlock next to the brush size. This lock toggles between viewport size brush which appears to vary in size as you zoom in and out, and model size brush which stays at a specific size in relation to the object being sculpted. The sculpt plane also adjusts how it relates to the surface normals.

  • dreamsgate

    That is a TOTALLY awesome tip and one that I will use next time I sculpt, thank you.

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