My result from following Patrick Boelens audio visualizer tutorial

Here several weeks ago, I watched Patrick’s fun little tutorial on building an audio visualizer with python. It looked like so much fun, that I had to try it for myself.

So with one hand on the pause button, I built my first audio visualizer. Then of course since I can’t ever just leave anything the way it is, I started um… well messing with it. 😛

First I just changed the grid size, then I changed the song. Then I got a bright idea to create an audio visualizer for my hubby for our anniversary. 🙂

Patrick’s tutorial was cool, but grids are just not fun or romantic, so I set about figuring out how to un-gridify it. I’m sure there is a python solution, but until Patrick makes a tutorial for it, it ain’t happening here.

So I played with various ideas:

  • hiding/deleting some of the cubes (that works, trust me I played with that option for quite a while)
  • adding loop cuts to each cube and deleting faces (that works too, but way too much work )
  • different colors for each cube

I ended up deleting cubes to create the heart shape (deletion is done after script is ran and you have your grid). And then I started playing with materials.

My final result is the combination of 3 separate sets of cubes:

  • one set to Halo
  • one set to wire
  • one set to solid, but very low alpha

Creating a kind of over the top, should have known when to stop glowy effect. 😛

All 3 sets of cubes were then put in a reflective box with a low gloss reflections and ran through the compositor (whoo did that part without a tutorial, aren’t you proud 😛 ) where I added a bit more glow. Not that it needed more glow, but well I did it anyhow.

Then I spent 3 days waiting for it to render. Sigh.

All said and done, it tickles me to no end and hubby liked it too. Score one for me! 🙂

So here is the kicker, I was a bad girl and used a copyrighted song that I love and therefore can’t upload the version I gave to hubby. But I encoded out a section of it without the music and uploaded it to youtube if you are curious to see my finished result.

It was done to the song, “Stuck Like Glue” by Sugarland, which you can find also on youtube   (you can do a search and try to sync up starting both videos at same time 😛 ) Or you can just watch the pretty light show.

bye now


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