Building an Audio Visualizer in Python on Blender Cookie

Blender Tutorials Downloads Videos & Education – Blender Cookie – Building an Audio Visualizer in Python.

Coolest tutorial ever! 🙂

Patrick Boelens shows you how to get Cubes to scale in time to music, the possibilities are so much fun to contemplate.

And even better, looks like a fairly easy script to set up. Okay, in my case that does imply that I will have both the video and blender open at the same time while making heavy use of the pause button. But we all know I am python challenged. Not gonna let that stop me. 😛

While watching the tutorial, I came up with the coolest idea for a short animation, which I will happily tell you about if I actually manage to pull it off. 😛

First step of course is building the audio visualizer. Everything after that should be a cake walk.

Hmm, then again, I excel at running into unforeseen problems.

Okay, my next block of free time will be spent building an audio visualizer, I’ll deal with the unforeseen problems as they ambush me. 😛

Why are you still here staring at this post, go watch the tutorial already. Go… shooo…. I have an audio visualizer to build.


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