Book Review: Scream of Angels

Scream of Angels by Joseph Nassise

Book sequels, just like movie sequels can be a hit or miss proposition. A lot of which depends on how certain choices are handled. The choices being do you make it a stand alone creation, as in just another episode in the world previously created. Or do you pick up where the last one left off.

Scream of Angels picked up a couple of weeks later, from where the Heretic left off.

Cade’s elite team of Templar Knights are called in to investigate the disappearance of another team of Knights, who had been investigating an abandoned base in the middle of nowhere.

Except it was NOT abandoned. A team of scientists had been working in an underground compound on something they really shouldn’t have messed with. And that “something” was pissed.

In Scream of Angels, you get better acquainted with the command squad and how they deal with their jobs. Being responsible for standing between supernatural forces and humanity affects all of them differently and this particular mission so soon after their last one starts taking a toll on them sooner than expected.

While the Adversary didn’t make an appearance this time around, Cade did get additional clues and messages about his dead wife. There was one minor mystery left at the end that I hope is cleared up in book three.

All in all, Scream of Angels was a good strong sequel that expanded on what the Heretic had started and paved the way for further conflicts and adventures in book three.


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