Book Review: 30 Pieces of Silver

30 Pieces of Silver by Carolyn McCray

I don’t know about most of you, but I often find myself reading in “themes”. I’ll read a good book and then sometimes by chance, sometimes not, find myself reading several more books that deal with a similar subject matter.

This time it was purely by chance.

It started with Templar Concordant, which got me thinking about Templar Knights and centuries old secrets.

Then by chance I read The Herectic, which was also about Templar Knights. There was also old secrets and religious relics.

Both the Templar Concordant and The Heretic were action packed suspense thrillers with good guys trying to stop bad guys from mucking things up royal. Which of course had me completely primed and ready for 30 Pieces of Silver by Carolyn McCray.

Although there were no Templar Knights to save the day, there was a highly skilled covert op squad on hand to protect and help two scientists follow a twisting trail of clues to a  historical discovery of epic proportions.

Think Indiana Jones meets Da Vinci Code, only with far more action, suspense and a few twists that will undoubtedly surprise you.

It started with skeletons being found where there shouldn’t have been any. Always a good place to start. Then it was discovered that the bones were covered in ancient writing that left tantalizing clues to other skeletons with more clues.

Of course this set off a globe trotting chase to find the next skeleton and ancient clues before the bad guys got there first or finally managed to kill them, which the bad guys were determined to do to protect the secret. Each set of clues both clarified and confused known history, leading to an ending that will delightfully shock you as well as make you think.

Carolyn McCray did an excellent job weaving together history, action, danger, discovery and massive amounts of suspense.

From the beginning I was thoroughly hooked, at times cheering my favorite characters on and groaning with each setback.

Of which, my favorite character was Sergeant Vincent Brandt, mainly because he wasn’t written as just another strong and deadly covert op commander. His knowledge and understanding of the clues and what that could mean to the world at large was a brilliant touch.

Actually for that matter, all the characters were wonderfully developed. And I was sad to see the story end as I had kind of gotten attached to them.

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, this was a great book., and I highly recommend it to all suspense / thriller junkies.

You will LOVE IT!


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