Great source of reference information for modelers

I was looking for reference images for facial expressions and ran across a great site filled with not only reference images but a great deal of instruction as well.

The images and explanations can be found on, ran by Joumana Medlej, a talented illustrator. The information seems to be primarily geared for illustrators, but is of great use for modelers and animators as well. Many of the images show major muscle groups that would help modelers and animators better plan their characters.

Not only does he have extensive information on humans, but he also has quite a few animal and bird references as well.

I encourage you to check it out.

3 responses to “Great source of reference information for modelers

  • Roberto

    Great find Sandra! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Lacey

    The page could not be found…:(.. thanks anyway… I’m actually looking for a site that has the different views like the left view, right view, front, side, ect.. to use for a blender reference image.. I’ve been working on a set of tutorials, and I don’t have a camera to make my own. Would you know a site like that please?

  • dreamsgate

    The page is there now, might have been a server issue. As for the kind of reference images you are looking for, depends on exactly what you want.

    there is:

    Also you can try googling for character model sheets from animations.

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