Book Review: The Heretic (A Templar Chronicles supernatural thriller)

The Heretic (A Templar Chronicles supernatural thriller) by Joseph Nassise

I have always loved history and the players involved. One group has always caught my imagination and that is the Templar Knights. Helped in large part by movies such as Indiana Jones, the Templar Knights have become synonymous with mystical happenings and objects, as well as protecting the church and mankind from evil beings. Both human and non human alike.

So any tale involving the Templar Knights is going to get my attention right off the bat. Add in suspense and fast paced action, and I’m going to be staying up way too late reading.

The Herectic is just the type of book that I love getting lost in. Cade, the main character, leads a combat team of Templar Knights in a search for a dangerous enemy that is attacking the Templar Knights. Cade discovers all too quickly that the enemy is one he has faced before. The Adversary, a demon of immense power, accidentally “gifted” Cade with a few supernatural skills in their last encounter.

Cade, not above bending a rule or two, uses those skills and what ever else he can to track the Adversary and protect his brother Knights and mankind as well.

The Herectic is a well written, fast paced supernatural thriller that will leave you rapidly turning pages, (or in my case, clicking the next page button on my Kindle). When I finished reading it, my first thought was “Wow, damn good book!”, second thought was “I want more, NOW!”

LOL, luckily I can have more, book two, A Scream of Angels is already loaded on my Kindle and ready to dive into. And that being the case, I’ve got to go. Important reading to sink into and all. Happy reading!


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