First Open Source Commercial

First ever open source commercial hits the air in France. Francois Grassard has created an ad for his Learning DVD on Blender 2.5 and of course created it in Blender. Being a true blenderhead, he has published the commercial under an open content license.

Now, how cool is that!

Francois “CoyHot” Grassard wrote:

Hi Blender fans,

My name is François “CoyHot” Grassard from France and here is my gift for the Blender community.

3 months ago, I released a Learning DVD on Blender 2.5 for the French market through a Publisher named FormaCD. Few weeks ago, I thought it could be a good idea to create an Ad for the French community, mainly aired on a French TV Channel named “NoLife”, who is a wonderfull channel for real Geeks.

But because Blender is not a Software like the others, the Ads has to be different too.

So here is, AFAIK, the first Open-Ads in the world !!!

You can see it and download it of course, but you can also download each .blend file of each shot, even the Editing and the Sound Design, all made with Blender !!!

Here is the magic link where you can find the Ads and many other infos about it.

Hope you’ll like it !!!

Bye Bye

Oh, and before you ask: the content is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.


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