“The Journeyman Project Tribute” Fan-based HD remake of the classic Presto Studios title

I was recently contacted by Andrew Curry, letting me know about a new project he is involved in and that he is looking for some contributors. From the details he has given me so far, it looks like a lot  of fun.

from Andrew:

I am currently heading up a multi-aspect project, working on bringing back a classic game, “The Journeyman Project” by Presto Studios.  The project is currently split into three efforts:

1.  A prequel novel
2.  A port to Windows of “Pegasus Prime”, a remake of Journeyman by the original studio.
3.  A retelling of Journeyman using Blender to model and render the video footage, “Journeyman HD” if you will 🙂

I have been keeping a blog of the modelling work I’ve done on the project so far, which can be found at http://andyjourneyman.blogspot.com/.

Currently there are several members on the novel and port teams, but the modelling HD version is only done by myself at present.

One of my goals is that the footage be done completely within Blender.  No external renderers/video packages can be used to manipulate the video.  As well as Blender, I am using VirtualDub to edit the footage together, keeping the project open source at the moment.

Looks like a fun project to keep an eye on as well as maybe contribute if you are of a mind to.

I took a look at some of the images and test videos he has posted and I am very impressed with the graphics. I might just have to hit him up for a tutorial or two if he can find time while working on the project. 😛


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