RenderWeb 0.9 Beta Official Release

From Nathan at RenderWeb:

Miami, FL USA – April 5, 2011 –  The RenderWeb Facebook App, which socially renders 3D Blender animation projects, released its new version, 0.9Beta. With this release comes enhanced features, a redesigned user interface, and numerous backend updates.

This release provides a solid rendering experience and is the first of a series of progressive moves to make RenderWeb the first professional-quality, community-based, rendering system.

The version release updates include:
•    Raised Blender file upload sizes to 100MB (originally 50MB).
•    Addition of a high-res video file for original animators (applicable only for animations rendered after this release), as well as the original JPG images, for final animation output formats.
•    Updated backend security, error checking & file validation.
•    Enhanced Queue data to show project size for a better Volunteer experience.

Along with these added features, RenderWeb 0.9Beta offers a sleek, new user interface, with an updated design centered on user interactivity and media presentation.

About RenderWeb
Early March of 2011 marked the launch of the new social rendering platform, RenderWeb ( The viral expansion of the RenderWeb Facebook App immediately began changing the way Blender hobbyists and small-studio animators render their projects.
In essence, RenderWeb is a free online rendering farm for the Blender animation software, powered by social relationships within Facebook. Facebook integration allows for the simplification of both the Volunteering process and the harnessing of potential Volunteers.

Contact RenderWeb
RenderWeb, LLC
Nathan Moyer – Marketing/Design

So if you haven’t tried out RenderWeb yet, there is no time like the present.

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