Quick Effect Operators | Blender Code

Quick Effect Operators | Blender Code.

Jahka has included a couple of fun Quick Effect Operators in Blender 2.57.

I was just playing  with the Fur operator and it is very easy to use. All I did was select a sphere and type “Make Fur” into the operator search box, and whoo hoo, FUR.

Now how cool is that. Granted these operators are just starting points and you probably will tweak the effect to enhance your project, but it is very cool none the less.

So far there are three operators, (Fur, Smoke and Fluid) for you to test and play with.

Boy this has been a fun month for add-ons and fun additions to Blender. And even better, we even have release candidates of Blender 2.57 to play with.

Color me a happy blenderhead. Well off to play and explore, bye now.


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