2 new Blender Foundation Training DVDs

The Blender Foundation is taking pre-orders for not one but two brand new training DVDs.

By purchasing these DVDs you support the Blender Foundation projects.

The Blender Open Movie Workshop DVD series is a Blender Institute product, targeted at spreading the knowledge of previous participants in Open Projects. The videos and all files on the DVD are freely licenced as Creative Commons. DVD revenues are used to support current and future Open Blender projects.

Blenderella, Character Modeling in Blender 2.5

Polygon Modeling Techniques with Focus on Topology: 100% quad polygon modeling. No sculpt, no triangles.

Created by Angela Guenette, Character Modeler, project Durian, Sintel.

In this DVD, Angela Guenette walks you through her approach on modeling a character within Blender 2.5. She demonstrates the tools used in Blender and techniques on how to create efficient topology with clean edge flow. This will facilitate the creation of facial and body deformations for rigging and animation use.

Over 40 hours of practical step-by-step recorded work, for an expected total running time of 9 hours. Pace of the DVD combines both real-time & timelapse recordings, accompanied by voice narrated audio commentary.

DVD includes 9 reference images from 3d.sk (used with permission from 3d.sk and are marked with their copyright), prepared background images, concept designs, and .blend file of final completed character model.

Blend & Paint, using 3D render paint-over techniques for art

Created by David Revoy, art director of Sintel and author of the Chaos and Evolutions training DVD.

On this DVD training – with over 2 hours of videos – David Revoy explains step-by-step his 3D paint-over techniques. De training starts with an introduction to Blender 2.5, to provide 2D artists with not much 3D experience a quick overview of the key features of Blender. It introduces the basics of the UI, modeling meshes and setting up light and rendering. This render is then taken to MyPaint and GIMP for further processing, importing and setting up several layers and showing how to efficiently add detail, texture and more dramatic lighting with manual paint-overs and layering techniques.

The main theme of this training is to end up with a big high-detail 6K picture of a science-fiction environment, with space ship, a city, plants and trees, and several characters. By using the example files on the DVD you can fully recreate this artwork, but the real goal of the training is to understand the workflow, to train techniques to make efficient changes in visual appearances, learning to redo steps continuously.


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