Book Review: Run by Blake Crouch

Run by Blake Crouch

Oddly enough, even though I refuse to watch scary movies (for the obvious reason that they scare me silly 😛 ), I willingly read scary books. And enjoy them to no end. So when I was given the opportunity to read Run by Blake Crouch, I jumped on it. Well not literally, that would have broken my Kindle and ruined my whole day. But I did eagerly anticipate getting the bejeebers scared out me.

Now keep in mind that my normal reading time (read that to be “My Time”) generally falls shortly after midnight when the kids are in bed and the house is dark and quiet. The perfect time to curl up with a scary book and scare yourself so bad you can’t go to sleep. 😛

So with that in mind, I sat down and started Run. I had already read the book summary and knew that there was a sudden escalation in violent crimes over a five day period. I also knew that the main character Jack was going to “run” with his family in an attempt to escape the violence.

The story started off quickly and maintained an adrenaline pumping series of close calls and dangerous situations all the way through. Blake skillfully wove the re-awakening of family values in Jack and his family as they narrowly escaped each close call.

While not an outright horror story, this book actually scared me silly. The thought of someone (or a bunch of random someones) chasing my family and trying to kill my children, is probably the most horrifyingly scary thought ever. And Blake played on that emotion throughout the whole story. Which left me agitated each night as I put my Kindle down  to go to sleep and followed me throughout the day as I waited for it to be “reading time” again.

If you want to know how it all turned out, I encourage you to go read it yourself. You won’t be sorry.


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