Book Review: Transparent Lovers

Transparent Lovers by Scott Nicholson

One of the coolest things about owning a Kindle, is discovering new authors. Over the last year I have discovered and become quite “hooked” on a growing number of Indie authors.

One of my favorite, by far, is Scott Nicholson. Not only does he tell a great story, he has a real depth to his writing that sucks you in rather quickly. The characters aren’t always nice and yet you find yourself becoming invested in what is happening to them.

Then there is the fun in never quite knowing what you are going to get when you start one of his books. There might be mystery, suspense or humor and quite often a bit of paranormal thrown in just to give you a case of the “willies”. And I mean a serious case of the willies. Often after reading one of his books, I find myself looking over my shoulder at sudden noises and giving a closer look at shadows.

Having read several of his books already, I was excited to be given the chance to read Transparent Lovers.

Intrigued by the book summary and knowing that just about anything can happen in one of Scott’s books, I sat down to be entertained and possibly scared silly. What I didn’t expect was to giggle so much or to be so touched by Richard’s experiences.

Richard Steele, the main character, has a mission. To find out who killed him and why. Oh and then there is his dead wife along to complicate everything as well as a live girlfirend. In the process of solving his own murder he ends up learning all kinds of surprising things.

The first thing Richard confronted, and definitely my favorite, is that death is nothing like he ever imagined. In fact this is my favorite aspect of the whole story. Scott takes an intriguing look at death and what comes next. Kind of makes you want to re-think your own actions, just in case. Along the way, Richard also learns, that even in death there are things to live for and believe in.

I’m not going to tell you who did it or why. That would spoil all the fun. I am going to tell you I thoroughly enjoyed this tale, how Richard grew (even in death) and the lessons he learned. This is one of those stories that has a tendency to stick with you long after you finish it and quite possibly affect your behavior. At the very least give you pause for thought.


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