3DMagix and IllusionMage, scam or open source leeches?

Recently I posted about being spammed by these very companies and it looks like they are up to even more of their less than honorable tricks. They pop up every couple of months causing a fair amount of discontent.

Ton Roosendaal comments on 3DMagix and IllusionMage, who blatantly rebrand and sell Blender and steal people’s artwork.

Continue reading to learn how YOU can help!

Ton writes:

With the success of blender.org projects, and publishing all the exciting Blender releases, we’re now being challenged by third parties who like to ride the waves and do business with Blender.

There’s nothing wrong with that. In its very nature, GNU GPL is about freedom, the freedom not only to use and modify the sources, but also to distribute and resell our releases under another brand name.

Recently we received several concerned emails and forum postings from people who were worried about Blender resellers using especially Ebay to sell Blender.

How can YOU help?

A grass-roots solution is to push 3DMagix and IllusionMage from the top search results in Google, and replace them with a link to the article on Blender.org. This should warn people who are about to buy this ‘product’.

To do so, we’ll need as MANY well-formed incoming links on that page. Be sure to use the names 3DMagix and IllusionMage in the text part of the link. Here’s a piece of code that you can use on your own website:

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2 responses to “3DMagix and IllusionMage, scam or open source leeches?

  • Ivan

    There is no reason to be a jerk about it by google bombing them.

    If the copyright holders of the artwork being used (the only copyright violation, unless the companies aren’t providing access to blender’s source) aren’t willing to take the people in question to court, then why are you upset over it?

  • dreamsgate

    Actually I don’t see it as being a jerk, and I am sorry that you do.

    I see it as my right to inform others that those two companies are selling a free product that I love and have spent better than 10 years supporting.

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