More video tutorial goodness

Okay, they may not be that new, but I just heard about them today. So they are new to me. And it looks like all of them already have a nice line up of tutorials ready for your learning pleasure. So without further ado, here they are.

Blender Time



And BlenderCookie is in the process of developing not one but two learning series.

Vehicle Modeling Series

This time around we have based this series on another fantastic concept from David Revoy. This series is set out to provide an in-depth look at an intense modeling work flow of a Sci-Fi vehicle. The amount of detail we will be modeling is both intimidating and exciting! If you take a look at the couple preview images below you will see what I mean on what we will be taking on.

Baker Animation Training Series

Meet “BC” Baker, a slick fellow created in the likeness of our CG Cookie look and feel. Baker is the character you will come to know intimately throughout this entire training series. David Ward will be walking you through a rundown of his rig that you will have in your hands. David will then dive into the study of various expressions and demonstrate how to use the facial rig.

The first series of this set will focus on showing emotion through the characters movement and expressions. David will be covering Happy, Sad and Angry.



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