Izzy’s Evolution: a little more color…

I had originally planned on texture painting some hip color onto Izzy.

Plans change.

Don’t get me wrong, I did attempt it. In fact I attempted it multiple times. But none of my attempts looked very good and my computer was being very slow about it. Well I think my computer was being slow, the brushes seemed to lag a lot and response time was painfully slow. Did I ever mention that patience is not really one of my strong points?

And then there is the sad fact that it might have been me not having something set up right. Which is always something I have to consider, especially since my computer is no slouch. It is a pretty good one and I have no trouble doing anything else in blender. So I’m betting it was me. Generally it is me, I forget to click something, or I accidentally clicked something. Or as in the case of my normal map mishaps, my objects were on separate layers.

After hours and I mean HOURS, I finally gave up in disgust and painted her some cool splashes of colors in GIMP. Which honestly, I should have just done from the beginning, it would have been so much easier. I know how to do it in GIMP and it is dead easy. But NO, I had to try Texture painting. I wanted to paint right on the model. A nice theory, a not so nice exercise in frustration.

I put the normal map in a separate layer and used it as a guideline for where to paint. Which was particularly helpful when I painted her decorative bumps. When I was done, I just deleted the normal map layer and saved the texture image out. It is pretty simple, just a few splashes of color here and there, but then again Izzy is a simple iguana.

Although for a simple iguana, she is getting rather demanding since she evolved. Once I got her looking all pretty, she informed me that now she needs a skeletal rig. That should be just TONS of fun. Yeah right. I really hate rigging.

I have no idea why she even needs a skeletal rig, all she does is stand around…

hmmm…. uh-oh I see where this is going, and it doesn’t bode well for me at all.

Sigh, just a suggestion, really more of a warning. Think long and hard before you let an avatar evolve. You will probably regret it.

Double sigh, I need to go watch a few rigging videos and find a new wall to bang my head against.



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