Izzy’s Evolution: Take 2

So when I last wrote about Izzy, I was having some problems with baking a nice clean normal map. My final conclusion at that point, was that my sloppy UV map was the culprit. So I went back to square one and re-did the UV mapping. It still is not the nicest UV map, but I am happy to report that there is only very minor stretching present.

Okay, with a better UV map I set out to bake a nice normal map. Yeah, that didn’t happen. At least not right away. The first one I tried, looked better. But of course I saw some places where I needed to adjust my UV map a bit more. So after some adjusting, I went to bake another test normal map.

And got a very bizarre result. Superimposed over my nice new layout, I could see pieces of previous normal maps I had tried to bake before the new UV layout. That threw me for a loop for quite a while as I adjusted this and that trying to get just my new coordinates baked. After hours of fighting with this, I was so sure that my blender was broken, that I actually completely deleted it and downloaded a new copy and started over.

Sigh, only to get the exact same results. Double sigh, it wasn’t blender, which meant that it had to be something I was doing. Triple sigh, … this sucks.

Okay, I’m a fairly bright girl and when things don’t turn out as expected, I eventually go look for answers online. Which I really wish I had done sooner. It would have saved me untold frustration.

So, first helpful thing I found: How to get rid of that stubborn UV map from first round of testing. All you have to do is “Shift + Click” on the little x to the left of image name. That removes all users from the image. Then save your file and reopen. Yay!

Quick test bake confirmed that the previous image was no longer being superimposed on my baked image. Only now I had a new problem. Now my baked image was a flat gray.

Are you serious. Now WHAT!

Well the solution to that was one of those “Well duh!” moments. You have to have both the high and the low resolution model on the SAME layer. And of course mine were definitely not.

Okay, so now I was cooking with gas. Whoo and Hoo!

Finally a nice clean normal map. Dang that was a lot of trouble. Most of which could have been avoided if I hadn’t kept stubbornly adjusting settings and pushing the “bake” button.

So here is Izzy in all of her Normal mapped glory. Next up will be texture painting for a little variation in coloring. Wish me luck.


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