I think I might have a little problem…

Just a little under a year ago, I received a Kindle ebook reader. Now I had lots of good reasons for wanting one. I love to read and I had done my research, there are lots ( and I mean LOTS) of good books available for little to no cost (as in FREE, I like free 😛 ). So there is the obvious cost advantage to having a Kindle. Then there was the convenience factor. How cool is it to carry an entire library with you at all times. As well being able to get books at any time of day. So what is not to love and what could possibly be a problem in all this literary goodness?

Well that first good reason (free books) has turned into a serious collection of epic proportions. In eleven months I have managed to collect an astonishing number of free books. And I am not talking about just classics from say Gutenburg either. I’m talking about new books that have been offered for free (for a limited time for advertising/promotional reasons) by authors and publishing houses as well as Amazon itself.

Having sat down to do a little library maintenance and organization, I had a look at my growing library and just had to giggle at myself. At the rate I seem to obtain books (an average of 6 books for every one I manage to read), I will still be working my way through my “To Be Read” pile long after I have passed away.

On the up side, my Kindle has definitely paid for itself by this point and I have enjoyed being able to read anytime anywhere whatever I want.

Okay, I’m betting if you are still reading at this point you are curious as to what “an astonishing number of free books” is, well here is a breakdown of my library.

  • 20 Books bought/paid for
  • 319 Limited Time Offers (from Amazon, authors, Publishing Houses)
  • 234 Free (from Amazon, authors, Smashwords, MobileReads, Publishing Houses)

For a grand total of 573 in just eleven months. Of those I have actually read 80. I foresee this actually getting worse not better as time goes on. 😛

I should make a resolution to not download any more books until the read to unread ratio is a little more balanced, but we all know that is not likely ….

…. oh look more books. 🙂


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