Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore…

No, I didn’t get picked up by a tornado and dropped into the land of OZ, but I am just as befuddled as if I had been.

I saw the announcement that Blender 2.56 had been released and I got super excited. I love downloading brand new shiny versions of Blender to play with. So I downloaded it posthaste. I chose the self installer (I am on a windows 7 pc) because I am lazy and I like having all the shortcuts setup for me.

Once it downloaded I clicked the installer icon, watched it install and let it launch Blender. Excellent, I poked around for a minute then closed Blender and wandered off for a cup of coffee. I came back later and went to open Blender again, but there wasn’t a shortcut on my desktop and it wasn’t listed in my Start menu. hmmm…. I did install it didn’t I? Damn I hate being old, I could have sworn I installed it, but obviously I didn’t.

So I click the installer icon, watched it install and let it launch Blender. Odd feelings of Deja vu, but anyhow now I know it is installed. I closed Blender and looked at my desktop, no shortcut and no sign of it in my Start menu.

That is very odd. I know I saw the part of the installer that said it would create a shortcut on the desktop. Something must have gone wonky. No problem, I’ll just delete it and start over.

So over to the control panel> uninstall programs, wait for the list to populate. Blender is not listed.

Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore…

Something is definitely not right. Hmmm, maybe my download got corrupted somehow, it happens. So I re-downloaded and tried again.

This time I watched the installer very closely and noticed that it wanted to install Blender to;

C:\Users\Mom\Blender Foundation\Blender

That has never happened before, it has always installed into the Programs folder. So I go and look in my User folder and sure enough, there is Blender, sitting in there all safe and happy.

But I am not happy, I am confused. Blender belongs in my program folder, not my User folder. Boo hiss, my inner Organizational monster is having a major hissy fit. This will not do at all.

So back to the installer, when it gets to that part where you tell it where to install, I point it to my Program folder, thinking all will be fine. Ok, not so much. The Blender installer had a fit and couldn’t install some file and aborted the effort. Several rounds of this and I started getting rather annoyed.

All I want is my nice little shortcuts on the desktop and for it to show up in my Start Menu. The last part being rather silly, because I never launch Blender from the start menu, but it is supposed to be in there and it currently isn’t.

So back to blender website, I am going to have a look at the installation instructions to see if something has changed. While there I see:

ANOTHER NOTE: The preferred way for installing Blender is the .zip. When installing as administrator still creates problems for non-administrator users.

Boo hiss, but that explains it. Sigh, luckily there is more than one way to do anything, even get my shortcuts. I put Blender into C:\Users\Mom\Blender Foundation\Blender, since it seems to want to be there and at least I know where it is. I launched Blender from there and then pinned the program to my task bar.

So hah, take that, I have a shortcut after all. Still no Start menu entry, but I never really use the Start menu anyhow. My inner Organizational monster will just have to adapt.


3 responses to “Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore…

  • Ben Lau

    Sounds like an installer bug to me. Probably not dealing with Windows’ crazy install for “just me” vs “everyone” weirdness. I like how OS X deals with this sometimes… when I’m not cursing it’s walled garden lock down annoyances. If there isn’t a ticket files for this in the bug tracker you should probably contribute a link to this post, plus shortened step by step instructions to reproduce… Hopefully someone can fix it (bring the old installer and the current one in line with one another) before the final release.


  • dreamsgate

    I am pretty sure that it is an installer bug, I saw a post over at,


    that sounded like what went wrong with mine.

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