Wow Wow Werewolf

I just finished watching Jonathan’s Creating a Werewolf tutorial series and it was so cool. I learned a lot while watching him sculpt out both a werewolf and human head. Some of which I am really going to have to set aside time to explore and experiment with on my own.

Then the best part, in episode 4, he created a morph animation of the human turning into the werewolf. It was totally an easy technique, which kind of surprised me. I would have thought it would have required so much more to set up something like a morph between two completely different shapes. But it took less than 10 minutes (probably less in real time if he wasn’t trying to explain it as he did it.)

He did emphasis quite strongly though, that both shapes had to have the exact same number of vertices or it wouldn’t work. Which is why both the werewolf head and the human head were started from the same base mesh.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you to go check it out for yourself.


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