Book review: Draculas

I have to admit it, I love vampire stories. Doesn’t matter to me whether the vampires are the sexy heart-throb variety or the scary bloodsucking monsters of the night kind. Vampires are mesmerizing any way they are written.

Just in time to get your Halloween scare on, Jack Kilborn (aka Joe Konrath), F.Paul Wilson, Jeff Strand and Blake Crouch offer up a frightful treat. Draculas. And these aren’t the sexy kind.

I hate spoiler reviews that give everything away. So I’m going to just tell you that the plot scared me to no end. If this had been made into a movie, I wouldn’t have been able to sit through it. Luckily since it is in book form, anytime it got too intense, I could set the book down and go get a cup of coffee. Yet even knowing that it was scaring me, I found myself itching to get back to it every time I set it down. I just had to know what happened next.

It always bugs me that all too often, characters in horror stories are rather shallow and 2 dimensional. More often than not, causing me to cheer for whatever evil creature is running amok, instead of the victims. So I really enjoyed that the characters were so well written. I found myself cheering for them and worrying when things got bad, and things got bad a lot.

Without giving it away, the ending was just beautiful. Almost made me want to giggle. I know, rather odd for the end of a horror novel, but I just love a well written ending. And this ending was perfect.

I also have to mention that I enjoyed the bonus extras almost as much as the main story itself. Especially the behind the scenes look at how they wrote the story. After reading their emails, I can only say that these guys have some very disturbed imaginations. Which explains why I am now sleeping with a nightlight and will never get caught in a rural hospital… EVER.

Edit: I can’t believe I forgot to mention how funny this book was. I know, you wouldn’t think horror and humor would go together and work. But they did. What a experience, after a big scareĀ  I would find myself laughing so hard that I would dang near spit coffee all over my kindle.


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