House Elf series

I love how BlenderCookie tutorials often run in a series. I look forward to each new episode with a great amount of anticipation (ok, that should actually be “impatience”). By creating tutorial series instead of just one off tutorials, a greater degree of information and detail can be covered. It also gives you something to anticipate and look forward to.

The latest series “House Elf”, is a perfect example. David Ward broke the episodes into 3 stages, allowing for an in depth look at how he works and creates models.

Episode 1: David goes through the process of modeling a base mesh suitable for sculpting in additional detail.

Episode 2: (actually 2a & 2b,, episode 2 has been split into 2 sections due to length). Episode 2 focuses on sculpting out all the details, wrinkles etc. Along the way, David explains how the sculpting tools work and why he is using each tool for different effects. He also covers adding seams, unwrap of UV’s, and the creation of a tangent normal map for a lower-resolution version of the model.

Episode 3: Final finish up of the model and creation of both a normal map as well as a color map. David covers use of texture paint and clean up in GIMP as well as SSS to create a more believable “skin” texture.

I really enjoyed this series. Especially the sculpting section. Seeing it in action while someone (in this case David) explains is very helpful in understanding such a powerful tool.

I only wish that David would have covered creating an entire House Elf instead of just a bust. But then again, that would have been a far more time consuming series to create.

But I surely wouldn’t object if David decided to extend this series. I wouldn’t object at all. 😛


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