Ever have one of those days? …

Ever have one of those days where you know you have things that need to be done, but you really don’t want to. And even worse, there really isn’t anything you would rather be doing. So you just kind of wander from task to task, forcing yourself to get the needed things done, but taking unneeded breaks to do totally frivolous things that you really didn’t want to do either.

Yeah, welcome to my day. Chores are getting done, articles are getting written, but man is it taking forever today. And there is still soooo much day left to get through.

Sigh, well this didn’t take long enough to qualify as an unneeded break, wonder what else I can go do that isn’t necessary. 😛


One response to “Ever have one of those days? …

  • Reyn

    I kind of feel that everyday. ^_^

    Sometimes, I tend to procrastinate and eventually lose my drive. Then I ask myself why am I uninspired or why the heck am I wasting too much time. I think that normally happens when you do so many things and try to finish them at the same time. 🙂


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