No Folder!

Since the Blender 2.5 series has launched, I have been playing with test builds. It has been quite fun to check out all the new features and how current features have changed with the new UI.

I download a new test build about every week or so. And while I have been happily poking around to see what is new or changed, I have really missed having it actually installed (vs. all needed parts just sitting in a folder on my desktop).

Yes I know, I could have an older version installed. But I recently got a new computer (well end of January) and when I was adding things to my hard drive, 2.5 alpha was already out and I saw no real point in putting an older version on. No time like the present to get going on 2.5.

But that meant no installed version. Up to now Blender only came in a big folder.

So yesterday, I wandered over to to pick up the latest version to play with, and what do I see? Blender packaged in a nice installer, courtesy of JesterKing.

Yippee, no more folder…. well at least until I wander over and pick up a new test build to play with. 😛


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