My new little “Speed Racer”

So after months of dealing with a slow, unreliable computers I finally got a new computer. And it is a little “speed racer”, especially compared to my old one.

Amazing, three years ago, my laptop was pretty trick and cutting edge, but now is an obsolete dinosaur.

So I have spent the last two weeks getting my new “speed racer” all set up for the way I like to work. NOT FUN!

I really hate the set up stage. Moving all my files over took no time at all. I just added the new computer to our existing home network and pulled the files over. Easy as pie.

Loading programs, on the other hand, has been a royal pain, and then some. I use a a lot of programs, most on a daily basis. So I sit down and start loading and I swear, it was one minor headache after another.

Not only have I apparently upgraded to Windows 7, but a 64 bit machine as well. Now luckily, most of my programs offered 64 bit versions, so that part went mostly okay. And the rest that were 32 bit, actually loaded without a problem. Right up until I tried to load my favorite pdf printer.

It just wouldn’t load at all. Which of course made me mad and slightly panicky. I use that pdf printer a lot.

So an exhausting search finally led me to PDF Creator. Which is open source, (yay!), but also a program that I have tested several times and always ended up deleting because it annoyed me. But it still seemed like the best bet. Sigh, so I downloaded it once again and found to my surprise that not only did it actually do more than I realized, but I could change most of the things that annoyed me in the options box. Go figure.

Well there you go, all happy again.

While loading programs, I decided to take the plunge and not reload my ancient commercial graphics software. I have been getting the hang of Inkscape and GIMP for some time, so this way I have to use them and can’t backslide.

The only program I haven’t let go of yet is a very old copy of Quark. I have been learning how to use Scribus, so I have an open source alternative, but I have a lot of Quark files (and I mean a LOT). And unlike Inkscape vs. Illustrator or GIMP vs. Photoshop, I can’t just pull Quark files onto Scribus. I have done quite a bit of research and there just doesn’t seem to be a way to migrate. Quite annoying if you ask me.

About the closest I can get is a HUGE endeavor, but eventually everything would be transferred. For each quark file I would have to:

1- from Quark, print to pdf

2- open the pdf in Inkscape to maintain the text as text

3- Save out from Inkscape as a SVG

4- Finally open the file in scubas to make corrections or changes as needed as save to Scribus for future use

Which means Quark gets to stay in my toolbox for the foreseeable future. POOP! I am so close to being open source.

Sigh, oh well, eventually I will get everything migrated. If only there weren’t so many files.

Okay, that about wraps up my ranting. I have projects to finish up and things to research.

so later…


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