Boo and hoo!

It would appear that once again I am the victim of a misbehaving computer. You would think that I would be used to it, as many times as it has happened over the last 9 years. But once again it not only took me by surprise, it found me completely unprepared. Yeah that means I hadn’t backed up my files in entirely too long. I really need to stop doing that.

I had been playing on my computer yesterday, everything was fine and then I went to take a nap. While sleeping I did hear it beep three times in a row. Now in and of itself, that didn’t really concern me, this particular laptop beeps for apparently random reasons. Yeah I know the beeps probably have always meant something, but nothing ever happened after the beep, just beep and then the computer kept right on doing whatever I had told it too. But yesterday, my computer decided to turn off and refused to turn back on.

Well CRAP!!!

That did not make my day, not at all. So my husband and I tried in vain to get it to reboot most of the evening and today as well, to no avail. (DAMN laptop, never has worked right since I sent it to the manufacturer when they recalled my motherboard).

So there I sat, no computer, no files. Completely displaced out of my element and not overly looking forward to sharing either my teen daughter’s or my husband’s computer (neither is set up the way I like to work, and well I’m entirely too fussy, but it just isn’t the same working on someone else’s machine, now is it?)

But no sense crying over spilled milk, life does go on. So there I am working on my daughter’s laptop, trying to set up a business card. Now I have the original file for the card saved to disc, and I only needed to pull it onto her computer and make some changes, when all of a sudden it really hit me…

all my files were GONE!!!

OMG, I actually cried when it dawned on me how much work was just gone, off in “Never gonna see that again” limbo. Stuck on a hard drive that I couldn’t get into.

After feeling VERY sorry for myself and all my precious missing files, I pulled it together and started working. During most of this my husband was still trying to resuscitate my dead laptop, when all of a sudden, …

it came back on.

You could have knocked us both over when it did. Well, we quickly rescued all my files (no telling how long it was going to stay running.)

After some more poking around my laptop, hubby announced that at the very least, one of my RAM chips was a goner. Hmm, I didn’t even know they could go bad, which of course still means that something else is still really wrong with my laptop.

And of course I am now left in somewhat of a odd situation. My laptop currently works, all be it much slower minus a gig of RAM (which really sucks), but it’s not trust worthy at all. At least I don’t trust it. So now I get to save everything I do promptly over to my husband’s computer (we are of course networked) and or work on his if I need more power or speed. Which all too often I do.

So …. slower or displaced … that is the question.

Sigh, well at least my files are safe and I will be getting yet another new computer as soon as our budget allows (although that won’t be for a while). But this time I think I am going to switch to a desktop instead of a laptop. I have now gone through 3 in the last 9 years. And the only one I haven’t killed was the first one. I actually outgrew it, (I needed more power). The second one saw 3 new hard drives and this one has been one major headache after another.

So no more laptops for me, way too great of a temptation to throw them down the stairs when they seriously misbehave. 😛


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