Now why did I download that….?

Every day I visit a ridiculously large number of websites. Some about blender, others about CG in general, craft sites and of course a wide variety of oddball sites that I ended up at for one reason or another.

While on my daily web adventure, I often run into all kinds of interesting or useful information that I bookmark for later study. Sometimes I get back to it, sometimes I don’t.

So, here some months ago I ran across something about Pigeon: Impossible podcasts. (yeah, at this point I don’t even remember where I saw it). Obviously I was interested or curious enough that I subscribed to the podcast. And just as obviously, I was too busy at the time to actually watch any of the episodes.

Now I must have been really interested, because I not only subscribed to it, I actually downloaded all 19 episodes, both to my computer and my Zune. So I clearly intended to actually watch it at some point.

Since I know that I am forever bookmarking anything that interests me, I periodically clean out my bookmarks and any files that have actually made it to my computer. And oddly enough, Pigeon: Impossible always survived the culling. I must have really wanted to see them.

Fast forward to last night. I had a little free time (read that to be, Very little) and while I could no longer remember exactly why I had the podcasts, curiosity won out and I decided to take a look.

Doah! Now I remember why I wanted to see them. Pigeon: Impossible is an animation from Lucas Martell. It was a five year labor of love (/hate) and his podcasts are a series of very helpful tips (using his animation as an example) for the would be animator. Each episode runs about 2-4 minutes, so they are short and sweet. They are also incredibly funny and contain a lot of useful information.

Now granted, this was not a Blender production. He used XSI, but I found that most of the episodes either covered non-software specific topics, or covered techniques that could easily be carried out in Blender. The only tip/technique that wasn’t available yet in Blender, was when he covered logging commands so that he could later reuse it as a helpful script to save time. But I do believe that macro recording will be available in 2.5.

My favorite episode was when he was explaining why the project took five years. And of course the reason was one that all too many of us fall prey to, (including myself).

* Not fully finishing pre-production before starting actual production.

We all know the problems that this can cause, and the time that can be/is wasted going back and forth with changes to script / storyboards once production is already started.

Note to self and others:.

Finish pre-production first, fully finish it, then go back and finish it again; or you will be Sorry!

While it is nice that the episodes are short and to the point, some ideas need more explanation. Lucas Martell solved the dilemma by posting more in depth explanations on his blog. You do have to backtrack through the blog quite a bit to find them, (I did tell you I didn’t watch these right away, right), but it is worth the time to do so.

I still have four episodes to watch, so I’m going to wander off and do that. I encourage you to go check them out yourself, if you haven’t already.


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