Whoops-a-doozie, I think I misplaced an entire summer…

Let’s see, I remember finishing up my goofy little animation, and quite proud of it I was too, around May. Okay, so I missed my deadline by about 4 months, but it was finished.

I started several little modeling projects, read a bunch of tutorials, watched even more tutorials, went camping, did errands, cleaned house (a never ending task, let me tell you), and next thing I know it’s the middle of August.

Now I know I’m a little spacey at times, but misplacing an entire season has got to be a first, even for me. I mean, really, how do you become oblivious to the passage of time. Especially that much time!

I bet it is all those grown-up, responsible day to day details that flood my day. I think they are numbing up my brain.

I knew I should have refused to grow up. 😛

Well this just won’t do at all, I have models to finish, things to learn, animations to make. I might just have to do something about this.

A parting thought:

“You are the dreamer and the dream”

I think this particular dream has lasted long enough, this dreamer is going to go script out a new dream. One where I don’t get lost in day to day details or least one where time doesn’t move so fast.



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