Doesn’t that just figure…

I was browsing through the user manual wiki the other day looking to see what new and fun infos I could find, when I noticed a listing for Sound Sequence Editor. Now I could swear it wasn’t there before, but it was last modified February 2009. So it has been there for awhile at least.

And it has definitely been there since I was trying to finish up my goofy little animation. Somehow I completely missed this valuable page and I really could have used this info. I probably would have used it badly, but that isn’t the point.

I knew that you could bring audio into Blender for syncing and export a final product with the audio included (which I did), but I didn’t know you could adjust the volume in the IPO editor. That would have been very helpful information.

Instead I used Audacity to edit my audio. Now Audacity is a great program, but I have only used it once or twice, so it would have been much easier for me to adjust volume and clipping in my familiar Blender. That is if I had even known about it. 😛

Now in all likelihood, my soundtrack still would have been just awful (I haven’t done much sound work) but it would have at least been a less stressful experience.

Oh well, one more thing learned better late than never…


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