Freezing Moon: An open gaming project site

Over the years I have played with Blender’s Game Engine, I have even been known to create a simple game or two. But nothing I have ever done or considered even begins to compare with what is going on right now in the GE community.

Character from "Ancient Beast"

Character from "Ancient Beast"

Most of you probably assume that Yo Frankie! sparked the new surge of games being created with the GE. But it had actually started a bit before that as interested coders had started tackling some of the issues that plagued the game engine at that time.

Coding improvements from that time, as well as those resulting from Yo Frankie! caught the attention of a game company in Atlanta, Georgia. They are improving the code even further giving the Blender community even more reasons and incentive to start their own gaming projects.

Recently one such project came to my attention. Valentin Anastase (Dread Knight) has started a non profit organization, Freezing Moon, aimed at creating open gaming and art projects using open source software.

Since he already has not one, but two game projects underway, complete with both design and technical documentation, he decided it was time to get a website (community portal) up and ready. Parts of

Character from "Dark Shift"

Character from "Dark Shift"

the website are still under construction, but most of it is already functional and ready for both casual visitors and interested artists.

You are welcome to wander by and view the documentation for both games as well as current screen shots of their progress.

As his community grows and matures he also plans to release training materials as well.

Character from "Ancient Beast"

Character from "Ancient Beast"

I can’t wait to see what comes of this project, so I think I’ll wander by every so often to see what they are up to and have accomplished.


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