My beloved Laptop is finally back!!!

Yeah, I know, kind of pathetic isn’t it? But I can live with the funny looks that statement just provoked.

My Laptop has been gone for over 3 weeks, which is way too long, Let me tell you! In fact at one point, I even considered launching a secret black ops mission to rescue my laptop, which was obviously being held hostage to prevent the completion of my very important projects.

My forced separation all started when my laptop wouldn’t perform a re-start. It just got stuck in an annoying loop where it idled up then down but never got anywhere.

Definitely not cool, and to be honest somewhat annoying. But I figured it was probably my fault. I have a bad habit of downloading and installing way too many odd ball programs. So obviously I either installed something stupid or I deleted something important during one of my junk software clean-ups.

Sigh!, and double bummer. Well it was probably time to reformat and start fresh anyhow. I really hate reformatting, but it is nice to have a fresh clean system. So I started preparing for it (that’s the part I hate, by the way). I made sure all my precious files were backed up, made a list of all currently used software and pulled out my reformat discs.

Two days later, my system was fresh, all programs re-installed, files are returned to their proper places and… the restart problem was still there. Plus, just to add insult to injury, it had gotten worse. Now my Laptop was hanging on powering up also.

Just what in the world have I done to this poor computer?!!

Oddly enough the answer soon presented itself. The Hp Health monitor on my computer informed me that there was a Warranty Service Enhancement issued by HP for my model.

Oh Joy, my motherboard was faulty. So I arrange to ship my Laptop to HP for repairs. They promised it would be back in a week.

I have a back-up laptop that I use for camping and situations like this, so I sent my problem child off to be fixed and prepared to wait.

My back-up computer works just fine, but we all know that it just isn’t the same. So I put all big projects on hold and went about simple day to day things and waited. The day before my laptop was due to be sent back, my husband gets a phone call. Delivery will be delayed two weeks.

Two Weeks!!?

What the heck, no, no, no. I need my comp back. I have things to do. I have projects on hold, new projects to start. Delays are unacceptable!!!

A few days later, my husband finally gets a hold of a live person, only to discover that HP is out of parts and they don’t know when more will be in stock. The delayed delivery date was approximate, not a guarantee.

Looks like my delay could be more than 2 weeks. Sigh (insert numerous naughty words of choice here).

Well now what? After a major grumbling session I decide “fine, I have things to do.” I have a computer (granted, not the one I want), but it will have to do. So over the next week, I proceed to get on with various projects that need to get done.

Then Happy Day!!! My husband calls from work and tells me, he has possession of my laptop (we had to set it to be delivered to his workplace because we were scheduled to be out of town on the supposed delivery date).

The delay only ended up being about a week more. Not too bad, but just enough to make me very cranky and mess up my project schedule.

Now time to get back to work, I have so much to get caught up on!Β  πŸ˜›


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