2 Excellent Blender Video Tutorial Series

A great many video tutorials have been created for Blender. So many in fact that you could hardly be blamed if some slid under your radar.

That being the case, every so often I go on a video hunt. My latest hunt has turned up not one but two excellent Blender video tutorial series by Claas Kuhnen (aka cekuhnen).

He has written a number of tutorials/articles for Blenderart magazine and I have always enjoyed his teaching style. So I was very excited when I learned about his video tutorials.

And I am happy to report that his video tutorials are of the same excellent quality as his written tutorials. He explains steps clearly and in an easy to follow manner.

In Blender 3D: Digital Modeling of Organic Surfaces , Claas covers various modeling techniques as he guides you through several modeling projects. So far there are 35 videos to watch in this series.

In Blender 3D: Product Rendering, he covers lighting, materials and rendering, with in depth coverage of various lamps and materials. There are currently 42 videos in this series.

Both series can be watched at the above links, downloaded as mov or flv files, and/or subscribed to via iTunes, Miro, or RSS .

I encourage you to check out his videos as soon as you can. Oh and if you just cant get enough, Claas also has a series Rhino 3D: Digital Product Modeling and Surfacing, that covers various modeling techniques in Rhino.


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