A very cool new toy

Every year when we get our tax refund, after we pay bills and do all the responsible things, we use whatever money is left over to buy items on our “Wish List” of un-needed, but really wanted things.

This year I got a Zune 120. It has fast become my favorite new gadget. Not only can I can carry an amazing amount of music with me, but now I can also take along any number of Blender video tutorials. Which means I can feed my Blender obsession while waiting in various uncomfortable lobbies for appointments. I can also watch them while in the front room with my husband, when he is watching any number of shows that either bore me or scare me silly.

Now I’m pretty sure I’m not the only Blender user with a Zune and I have no idea how the rest of you organize your videos or if you even bother with that. But I like things neatly organized in a logical order. And I quickly discovered that my Zune wasn’t going to be overly cooperative about how I like things arranged.

Unlike photos and music which can be organized in folders and by album, videos just get dropped into one big list. Which drove me nuts. I went through and applied custom categories and genres for them, but since they were technically “Other” according to the Zune, I still ended up with one big list.

Obviously, this was just not going to do at all.

So I sat down and gave it some thought. It took a few days of considering and poking around the Ziune software, but I finally found a solution that made me happy.

Instead of putting the videos in the “Other” category, I labeled them all as “TV series”. Each video creator now has their own “series”. This way I can also put them in any viewing order I want by assigning them episode numbers.

Now that I have everything organized the way I want, I can happily go download large numbers of videos to watch wherever I want.

Yay me!


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