My rig was done, so… um yeah…

In my last post, my rig was done and I was fussing and confused about the Armature modifier (thanks guys for clearing up my confusion).

So like a good little girl, I was testing my rig after I attached it the characters when I realized that my rig had issues. The biggest being it wouldn’t do what I wanted, not a real good sign. I am obviously soooo not going to be named “rigger of the year.”

sigh 😦

Okay, obviously time for a crash course in rigging. Even I know rigs should be only as complicated as needed for the task at hand. Luckily my characters won’t be break dancing or performing amazing physical stunts. In fact they only need to:

sigh (big visual sighs)
minor wiggles

You would think that wouldn’t be too hard. Very simple actions, not too many of them, piece of cake.

Yeah right!

You would be amazed at what it actually took. I downloaded all the available free rigs for study and opened the blender documentation wiki, and then sat down for some serious poking around files to figure out just what I needed for this to work. And just like in “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, some rigs were too simple, some rigs were too complicated and none were just exactly what I needed.

double sigh 😦

Time to mix and match sections of rigs that I liked (and even more important, were simple enough for me understand how it went together).

Luckily minor wiggles aren’t really something you need to set up special rigging for. Yay me!

The lower body (hips, legs and feet) was the easiest for me to set up. I used a reverse foot rig that works well for my character and is very easy to manipulate. That should take care of walking and most of the sitting actions.

The part that gave me the most difficulties was deciding how to rig it so my character could sigh big visual sighs. I finally realized the “stretch to” constraint was the answer. Or more accurately the starting point. It still took a lot of experimenting and repeatedly flipping through ICAB to get it working.

But then testing raised more problems, my “sigh” section of the rig was causing problems in other sections.


Okay back to the book, more changes, more testing and finally it all works.

The end result ended up being a very simplified version of the Captain Blender rig shown in ICAB with a reverse foot rig. I think I could have saved myself a lot of aggravation by building a Captain Blender rig to begin with. But then I wouldn’t have the cool reverse foot rig or the start of understanding how rigs go together. There is something to be said for repeatedly putting it together and taking it apart.

Oh well, time to start blocking out my animation.

hmm… I think I am having a deja vu moment, I’m sure I remember saying that before…..


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