Obviously I can’t follow directions

Every year for Valentines Day I make a short (very short) animation for my husband. They aren’t fancy or complicated. In fact more often than not, only a few objects move. Then I add whatever love song I have picked for that year and add some admittedly cheesy text effects in time to the song. All in all they are pretty goofy, but he really likes them.:)

Well this year I decided to kick it up a notch. I have been trying to start working on character animation and coming up with far too many excuses to put it off.

So I decided to attempt a short character animation. And having just recently read Roland’s new book, “Animating with Blender: How to Create Short Animations from Start to Finish”, I felt pretty confident that I could pull this off. Roland laid out a clear work flow for starting, and better yet finishing an animation.

Too bad I can’t follow instructions!

I never have been good at writing down story ideas, so writing a script was proving to be an issue. And I have never created a story board. Yep, those would have been steps 1 and 2.

But while I didn’t have a set script, I had a mental road map of sorts. So I did go ahead and design and model my little characters.

Then I kind of got stuck in limbo. I know I had to plan out my script and storyboards, but was having trouble making myself sit down and actually do it.


Storyboard Panel

LOL, the script isn’t going to win any awards, but I finally got it down on paper. I even drew a few story boards. Now those just might win an award or two. I draw a very amazing stick figure. 😛

Next up I am supposed to make an animatic for timing and to help with positioning. Yeah, totally skipped that part.

Instead I started building my set. I didn’t need much. Two walls, a floor and a bench. I was supposed to just be creating basic place holder items. Nope went all the way. Everything is built, textured the way I want and (totally out of sequence) completely lit.

Lighting and Material test render

Lighting and Material test render

I know, lights are much further down the checklist. But I was doing quick test renders of the set to check the materials and one thing led to another. (Check one more item off the list.)

I may not have done it in the right order, but I have a script (sort of), storyboards, characters and a set that is fully built, textured and lit.

I still have to rig my characters (I am so not looking forward to that), block out my animation and then fine tune it.

So I had better get back to work, my deadline is fast approaching. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

Oh and Roland, next time I will do all the steps and in the right order even. I promise! 😛


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