Year End Wrap-up: Tutorials, Projects …

Well 2008 is all done and gone and for once I actually have some finished projects to show for it. Yay me! (we won’t talk about the really long list of unfinished projects I still have πŸ˜› )

In fact I have been rather a busy little camper for the last two months or so. In between getting ready for the holiday season (way too much to do there, I seriously need to rethink the whole running around silly for 2-3 months preparing for the holidays, life is way too short!), taking care of the kids, hubby and house, and working a few hours a week, I actually finished up a few things.

The coolest project I worked on was top secret until after the holidays. I never know who is going to wander by here, so I couldn’t talk about it. But since it is all over now I can.

Pumpkin Snowman:

A few years ago I bought a coffee mug that had the coolest image on it. It was a snowman made out of three pumpkins. He had stick arms, a carrot nose and a old hat on. I have no idea where the mug currently is, but for some reason that image has stayed with meΒ  and it keeps floating up out of my subconscious as a desire to model a similar image myself.

This year I finally got around to doing just that. Now the modeling wasn’t all that much to brag (or not brag) about. Simple spheres with holes cut into them. Creative scaling of every 4th segment to create the characteristic pumpkin look. Lighting is a little dark (as usual for me πŸ˜› ). The pumpkin material wasn’t turning out quite turning out the way I wanted, so I ran a friendly search through the forums looking to see if anybody had come up with a good material. And yippe for me, comeinandburn had posted a pumpkin image and a blend file which I quite shamelessly downloaded and modified. (I never do seem to be able to leave anything alone πŸ˜› ). I set my pumpkin snowman on four different backgounds (spring, summer, fall and winter) creating a seasonal series.

Doesn’t sound all that overly cool so far. But wait til you hear what I did with it. I printed it out (well actually I printed quite a few out) and glued them onto slate tiles I bought at the local hardware store. Then I poured this two part goo ( resin and hardener, Kraftkote or Envirotex both make varieties of it) over the image on the slate and waited for it to harden into a crystal clear surface. I then glued fun foam on the bottom so they wouldn’t scratch anything.

Tada!!! Instant Christmas presents. Everyone in my family got 2 custom trivets (you can put hot dishes on them at the table).

Then like a total goof, I didn’t take any pictures of the finished trivets. Which is a real bummer, because they turned out really cool and I was quite pleased with myself. But I do have the images that went on them so here are my pumpkin snowmen.


15 Minutes of Fame:

They say everybody achieves 15 minutes of fame at some point in their lives. Not all of them deserve it or even make the most of it, but there are a those special few that not only deserve their alloted 15 minutes, but should given an unlimited extension.

With that in mind, I decided to create a fanpage to spotlight someone who I think deserves several hours at the very least, and if I get my way considerably more than that. πŸ™‚

Not only has Kernon Dillon dedicated a great deal of time and energy to creating quality educational resources for the Blender community, he has done it in addition to being an active member of the Blender community, running his own website (BlenderNewbies), participating/contributing to various projects and I’m pretty sure that he finds time to go to work and actually have a life too.

Introducing Bobo the Blenderbug:

Over the years I have written my fair share of tutorials. Most of which have ended up in Blenderart Magazine. Which is a good place for them to be. But here recently while rushing around with holiday preparations, I decided to start writing a tutorial series featuring Bobo the Blenderbug.

Bobo is a software bug, specifically a Blender software bug. His natural habitat is the Blender software code. Which is going to present a lot of fun as the series progresses. So far I have finished the first tutorial, where you learn how to model your own Bobo. The second tutorial is about half finished and should be posted soon.

Well I think that about wraps it up. I hope everyone has a great new year and that all your renders turn out beautifully lit and stunning to behold.


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