Blenducation offers Real Time Online Classes

As a kid my mom always used to tell me that any day that you didn’t learn something new was a total waste, you might as well have stayed in bed.

Which goes a long way towards explaining why I am such an obsessive gatherer of information. So on a recent visit to Planet Blender, looking of course for new facts, news, info etc for my greedy little” inner info monster”, I saw a post from Blenducation.

I have wandered by their site a few times before, they have a nice series of video tutorials. Well that day they were announcing the launch of “Real time online classes”.

And of course, being entirely too curious, I just had to register at their site and sign up for the first offered class. And since I not only like to gather information but share it as well, I thought you all might like to hear about it.

First off you need to register at the site and then you can sign up for offered classes. (There are complete instructions on the site explaining the sign up process). Knowing that interested participants are in a number of different time zones, Dipingo included a time zone setting on his site, that once set to your time zone, allows you to see when the classes are offered “your time”. Very handy indeed for those like me who are forever trying to make time conversion more complicated than it really is. šŸ˜›

Once you have signed up, you receive an email invitation with a link to join a “net meeting” room. That is where your class will take place. After you join the class, you see the instructor’s desktop and watch the lesson in real time as it is being taught. There is even a chat room, where you can talk to the other students as well as the instructor.

So that all describes the process. Now for how it actually worked out in practice.

The first class was designed to be an informational “meet and greet”, to introduce how the classes would look and feel.

And it worked great. As Dipingo explained how the classes would work, we could see everything he was doing on his computer. The audio and speed of video update was good.

I can see enormous potential for this project. The ability to hold classes real time is a great way to get students from all over together in an interactive endearment.

Not only do I wish Blenducation all the luck and sucess possible, but I am eagerly awaiting more classes to be scheduled. I do have a “greedy little info monster” to keep happy after all. šŸ˜›


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