How I thwarted HP and their shortcut stealing app!

Okay, so this isn’t really Blender related, but was very much a pain for me and was driving me nuts. I have a rather nice HP pavillion laptop computer that up until recently has never given me any problems what so ever.

HP includes a Health care program on their laptops that monitor all kinds of geeky things that I normally don’t worry about (lol, that is hubby’s job, not mine πŸ˜› ). Well a recent update/patch to said program caused me to lose my favorite keyboard shortcut. Control + Shift + S, which in just about every program I have ever used is for “Save As”.

Yep, HP’s new system information program just installed and swiped it. So every time I tried to do a “save as” of whatever document I was working on, the system information program launched instead. It was becoming a very sore point for me.

I spent several weeks looking for a way to “free” up my shortcut and last night I finally figured it out. So I am going to document it here for any other annoyed HP users and just in case it happens again and I go brain dead and forget what I did. At least I can find it here really easy.

So this is what you need to do to reclaim your “Save As” shortcut.

  • Click on your start menu
  • Scroll to your HP folder
  • Inside you will find several little programs that HP pre-loads for you
  • Right Click on System Information
  • Select Properties
  • Erase whatever is in the shortcut box

Now your shortcut is yours again. YAY!!!

Okay and if you are sitting there laughing at me because you already knew this, you could have said something. Online would have been nice, because that is where I searched. πŸ˜›

Final comment:

HAH!! HP take that!, no one messes with my zen work flow thingy and gets away with it.
Now I can happily go back to doing really important things, … like playing in Blender!

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