Why is it still BLUE!!!

What I wouldn’t give for a one button lighting solution.

I have spent the last several months practicing my image and scene lighting in Blender. I had thought I was actually making progress. Okay, so maybe my lighting techniques still aren’t “wow” quality, but I no longer spend weeks trying to accidentally hit upon a reasonably good light setup. 😛

So it was a real kick in my ego to run into problem after problem on my last project.

I know that I am not yet a master, but hey, I thought I was past the major problems. I mean seriously, what gives? I actually sit down and think it out before I even add a single lamp. I set it up carefully and what happens?

The whole image renders out BLUE!!!


Now why would I end up with a blue image? There was not one blue lamp in my scene anywhere. And yet, in test render after test render it remained blue. The first few blue renders, I put down to settings that needed adjusting. So I adjusted and adjust and adjusted. Then I was convinced my lamps were too bright (now why I decided that overly bright lamps would make it all look blue is anybodies guess at this point), so I turned them way down. That of course made it worse not better.

I repeatedly deleted all my lamps, then set up new ones, it still rendered BLUE! I even went so far as to append in a set of lamps that had worked rather well on my last project.

Yeah, still BLUE! I almost ended up having a nervous breakdown over my stubbornly blue image.

At about the point where I was ready to throw may laptop out the window, I decided to try one last thing. If it wasn’t the lamps, it must be the sky color. That had never been a problem before, but hey I was getting hysterical at this point and the sky was the only blue thing in the image.

So off to World settings to check my sky color. And what do I notice when I get I there?

The ambient color is set to…

you guessed it, BLUE!

Now I have no idea why it was even set, I don’t overly recall messing with it. I don’t like using ambient color, it messes with your whole image, but obviously I had done exactly that.

Moral of this story: if you find that your images have an unexpected color cast, check to make sure you didn’t accidentally set ambient color. It might just save you hours of repeatedly going through the same steps getting wrong results.


3 responses to “Why is it still BLUE!!!

  • IamInnocent

    Hey, thanks 🙂

    Such woes always happen when one is in a rush, don’t they ?

    I notice something though : you didn’t ask around.

  • dreamsgate

    Actually I have a bad habit of not asking for help.

    If I can’t figure out the answer myself by trial and error, my next stop is a thorough search of the community forums. More often than not, the answer is there.

  • wayne

    problem is blender has no GI / true hdri / physical sun sky…
    those things are usually magicall one button lighting features that will take you 90% of the way… with only a bit of tweaking and experience for the last 10%

    but with durian and lightcuts it won’t be too long before blender gets there

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