Blenderart Magazine awarded “Friend Of Blended” awards

Adam Kidd recently contacted me to let me know about his new website, Totally Blended, and that Blenderart Magazine had been given an award. I do believe this is a first for Blenderart Magazine 🙂

From Adam:

I Am pleased to announce in our first week of service that Blender Art Magazine has been awarded the first of our “Friend Of Blended” awards, an award that goes to a site or organization that goes above and beyond in simplifying affordable Technology (in this case, Open Source) in a manner of high Quality or provides exceptional web content from home.  The first Recipients are:

  • Blender Art Magazine
  • Lloyd Kaufman, Troma Productions
  • Andrew Kramer, Video
  • Blender Underground
  • James Rolfe, (The Angry Video Game Nerd)

So Congrats, there are no plaques Yet, and this award is on an earned basis, not monthly.More...

Totally Blended is a website dedicated to free Blender Training in a swf/flv video format.  To begin with, Totally Blended will be covering the basics, but over time will expand into more advanced topics and areas such as game engine, a Nuclear blast (5 part series) and the South Park animation Style.

Many of the tutorials being  offered are based on written tutorials, however since there is a large market of people who are visual learners, and many video tutorials are on poor quality streaming sites like YouTube, he decided to take the cash out of his pocket and make it right.

He has an open submissions policy for tutorial writers, they can submit to (english language submissions only for now).


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