Spanish Translation of Blenderart Magazine Issue #1 Now available

Juan C. García wrote and informed me that not only has his Spanish translation team been hard at work, but he sent us issue #1.

From Juan C. García.

At this time we have been working hard to achieve our project (your help to publish my message in your blog has been very important). The result of this work is that first issue completely translated into Spanish. But not only have done this, we are also quite advanced in issues from 2 to 6, and just start working on issue 7.

Could you add on the website of BlenderArt Magazine this first issue (attachment)? Thank you.

To your knowledge our translation team currently comprises 30 members, at least 8 nationalities. But almost every day someone else joins the team. Personally I think it is a translation team very good, very worker and very friendly. Do you notice that I am proud of our Spanish translation team? )

When we have translated the next issue I will contact you again. If you have any questions about our work not hesitate to ask.

Juan, the staff of BAM thanks you and your team for all your hard work. You can find the Spanish version of Issue #1 on our issues page.


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