My Guilty Little Secret

Okay maybe not so guilty and obviously not that secret, if I am writing about it.

So here it is, I love watching my visitor stats grow. The fact that the numbers grow at all is what amuses me the most. I am not an in your face marketing type person. I rarely if ever wander into one of blender’s forums or communities, stand up and shout “Woohoo, over here, Iook at what I did!” Yet the numbers grow all the same. 😛

Yeah, I know, the growth of my visitors is most likely due to search engines discovering my sites, but it is still amusing, So there! 😛

And since I’m pretty sure I didn’t tell where I am, just how did you find me?

Uh, huh, it was that magic search engine wasn’t it? No matter, my numbers just went up. 😛

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