The Silly Things We Do Online

I’ll admit it. I LOVE the Internet. I am fascinated by the sheer volume of available information. So much so, that all too often, I find myself following link after link to some extremely odd places. It all starts out innocent enough. I get on-line to look up and research a very specific topic. And yes I do initially find the desired info, but then it happens. During my search I see an interesting link, and being too curious for my own good, follow it.

While in and of itself this is not a bad thing, I have on more than one occasion lost hours and I mean HOURS following interesting links. Sometimes this leads me to great finds, sometimes it leads me to downright silly things. Generally I am very good about not signing up for or getting involved in overly silly things, but occasionally, an idea or topic does get stuck in my head to spark future silliness on my part.

And here would be where I admit my latest silliness. It started innocently enough, really it did. Through my wanderings, I kept running into information on A fun little place where you can sell your creative ideas on a variety of products. Now I have known about this site for some time, I have checked out the rules and options, but I just kept putting off doing anything about it. It would require me to generate some cool images, there’s the whole spreading the word thing. Too much bother, I have way too many other things I need to be doing.

Uh huh, yeah, then why am I talking about it. Well my teenage daughter and I were talking and I mentioned the site and explained what it was for. She was interested, she thought it would be a fun and easy way to make money from her own art. So I went ahead and created one of those free shops for her. Thereby launching dino dany’s doodles. Which is all fine and good, but it didn’t stop there. Within a matter of hours, I ended up launching my own e-shop, DG’s Depot.

Now that really doesn’t seem overly silly. Just a shop for my daughter and one for me. Granted we really need to work on getting some more designs out. A store with only one or two designs isn’t really going be overly successful. But all in all, it’s a nice little summer project that might make us each a little “mad money”.

Then the silliness started. It dawned on me that the e-shops won’t make any money at all if no one knows about them. And not being the type of person to be an “In your face” marketer, I decided on a more subtle approach. I added links to my e-shop in all my signatures at the various forums that I frequent. I added links to my sidebar here (look to your left in the sidebar). I put a link on my Facebook page and went ahead and added a cafepress listing application thingy on my profile page. So far this all seems reasonable enough. Not real in your face, but there if people were interested.

But being the horrible little multi-tasker that I am, while I was doing all of this, I kept looking at my e-shop page thinking, these little free pages are a little limited. Which of course led me to search for and investigate other similar types of sites. Which naturally led to e-shop number two, DG’s 3d darlings. Still not too bad, I haven’t reached complete silliness yet. I updated my links everywhere, created a new page on my blog listing my e-shops. and sat back to wait.

Well the subtle approach might eventually work, but looks like it’s going to take a while.

Subsequent link wandering led me to some threads/topics on improving traffic flow to e-shops. (Uh oh, here it comes.) Before I knew it, I found myself looking up something called “Squidoo“. I had never heard of Squidoo before all this started. But found a fun little site where you can make free little pages on whatever you want. I bookmarked the site and wandered off to give it some more thought. It might be a handy way to generate some traffic to my e-shops.

Yep, DG’s Introduction to Blender 3D was launched. I started out with the idea of creating a page to promote my e-shops, but of course once you start adding modules for this and modules for that, I ended up with a page for promoting Blender in general, with a focus on promoting blender related products, like books, dvds and documention links. Oh my e-shops are on there, but so is a whole bunch of other stuff.

Now would you just look at what I managed to get myself into within just a few short days. From an idea that just kept nagging at me, I ended up with two e-shops for myself, one for my daughter and a Squidoo page. Now just where did I think I was going to find the time to manage and keep an eye on four more sites? LOL, in fact at the rate I seem to keep adding sites and pages to my list of places I take care of, pretty soon I am going to need my own internet.

Oh well, all in a day’s silliness. Oh and if you have some time to kill, go ahead and wander by my growing empire of sites. All the links are in the sidebar to the left. 😛


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